Tuesday 13 December 2016

Social Studies Homework:

Partner’s Name:
Due Date:
You will be acting as a travel agent for the Province or Territoryyou choose. Your task is to create a travel brochure about aspecific Province or Territory from Canada. Research yourProvince/ Territory and choose aspects that may attract potentialvisitors.

1st Choose a Province or Territory from Canada

2nd- Research about the following:
A detailed map of the Province/Territory
What are the physical features of your province or territory?
What is the population and weather like?
A list of Major cities (choose top 5)
A list of attractions with short descriptions (Pick 3 attractions)
What languages are spoken in your province or territory?
What environmental issues is the province facing? Is thereprograms/stewardships that are helping?
+ 5 facts about the province

Some students may need to research a bit more on some of thequestions.

Research part due tomorrow

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