Monday 29 February 2016

Language Homework

Weekly Words-

Lesson #21 due Thursday + Spelling Test Friday

Friday 26 February 2016

Language Homework

Chapter 5 Questions due Monday- Full complete sentences.
1) Do you think Wilbur is a good friend? Why or why not?
2) What does Wilbur think of Charlotte when he gets to know her? (Find a quote from the chapter to support your answer)
Chapter 6 Vocabulary due Monday- Find the definition and write a sentence using the word.
1) Morals:
3) Ancient:

Don't forget to bring in the good copy of the recipe on Monday and sample of the dish. We will be sharing them period 1 and 2 on Monday.

JAk and have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Quraan homework

Quraan homework for this week will be ayas 18-20 inshallah. Ayah 20 is a long one so we only took 2.5 lines until the word Al-Quraan.
test will be this Friday nshallah

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Math Quiz

Please sign math quiz WB p. 48

Monday 22 February 2016

Favorite Recipe Cookbook Assignment

Favorite Recipe Cookbook Assignment

  As a class we are going to create a class cookbook where you will submit a recipe to be part of the cookbook. You should discuss this with your family before choosing a recipe.  
When selecting your recipe consider the following:

  • The recipe may represent a family tradition.
  • The recipe may have been handed down from generation to generation.
  • The recipe may represent your family’s country of origin.
  • The recipe may be distinctly American or represent a foreign country.

Your recipe must meet the following requirements:
  • The recipe must have a minimum of 6 ingredients.
  • This recipe must be healthy and have a combination of three to four of the food groups.   
  • The recipe needs to be for a food “made from scratch”, not simply
a combination of processed foods. The recipe must be approved by your teacher.

1.   This is a multiple step project.  The first step is to choose a recipe and write about it in your language notebook. This will be a rough draft. Your rough draft should include a short summary of what the recipe is and why you chose it. It should also include a list of ingredients and the steps to make the recipe.
                 Due Date: Thursday Feb.25th, 2016
2.   The second draft and final draft of your recipe will be completed in class and must include a picture of what you will be making. This part of the assignment will be completed in class. Please bring in any extra materials you would like to use to decorate your recipe page.

                     We will be working on this part on:  Thursday Feb.25th, 2016
3.    The final step to this project is a day of feasting!  Everyone in the class will make their recipe at home and bring it in on the assigned day for the class to sample. This will take place near the end.

                      Due Date: Monday Feb.29th, 2016

Recipe Writing

Recipe contains the title of the recipe, a list of ingredients, a paragraph of written directions, and a picture that correlates with the recipe.
3 out of 4 criteria needed for the recipe are present.
2 out of the 4 criteria needed for the recipe are present.
1 out of the 4 criteria needed for the recipe are present OR none of the criteria needed for the recipe are present.
Transitions (Organization)
A variety of thoughtful transitions are used. They clearly show how to move from one step of the recipe to the next.
Transitions clearly show how to move from one step of the recipe to the next, but there is little variety.
Some transitions work well; but connections between other steps need clarification.
The transitions between steps are unclear or nonexistent.
Grammar & Spelling (Conventions)
Writer makes no errors in grammar or spelling that would cause the reader to follow the recipe incorrectly.
Writer makes 1-2 errors in grammar or spelling that would cause the reader to follow the recipe incorrectly.
Writer makes 3-4 errors in grammar or spelling that would cause the reader to follow the recipe incorrectly.
Writer makes more than 4 errors in grammar or spelling that would cause the reader to follow the recipe incorrectly.
Paper is neatly written or typed with all areas of the recipe clearly labeled.
Paper is neatly written or typed with 1 or 2 areas of the recipe labeled incorrectly or not labeled at all.
The recipe is generally readable, but the reader may have a hard time deciding where one part of the recipe ends and another begins.
The recipe is hard to read and understand with no labels present.

Friday 19 February 2016


Assalamu alaikom Dear Parents,

Insha'allah, there will be a math test on Wednesday Feb. 24th, 2016.

The test will cover the following topics:
1- Measure with decimeteres and millimeters
2- Relate decimeters to centimeters and metres
3-  Measure and record using a combination of units
4- Use diagrams to solve problems
5- Perimeter of rectangles
6- Decades, centuries, and millenniums
7- Find out how long an event takes using number lines.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Tr. Marwa

P.S.: The students are going home today with their report cards.

Math H.W

W.B p.47

Thursday 18 February 2016


 Bring castle supplies to make the model

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Quran Update:

Nshallah there is a Quraan test this friday in ayas 14-17 from Surat Al-Muzammil

Thursday 11 February 2016

Math Homework

Math homework: Chapter review p.143 (to be solved in homework notebook)

Weekly math packages are BACKKKKKK

Students received their weekly math package for this week (due Friday Feb. 19th, 2016)

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Arabic Homework- T. Sahar

 السادة أولياء الامور الكرام  :                                                                              السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته ...
 * من الضروري و المفيد للتلميذ أن يقرأ باللغة  العربية  , من خمس إلى عشرة دقائق يوميا ( أو على الاقل خمس مرات في الاسبوع ) سواء من كتاب القراءة المقرر كواجب منزلي , أو لاي مادة محببه إلى نفسه ( قصة لديه – مجلة .... او من القصة المستعارة من مكتبة المدرسة ) , لما في ذلك من أهمية كبيرة في تنمية مهارة القراءة , و الاقبال عليها بشكل متدرج منذ الصغر ... حيث يستطيع الطالب الان استعارة قصة من مكتبة المدرسة , كل أسبوعين مع الجدول الخاص بمتابعة القراءة , و عليه اعادتهما في نهاية الاسبوعين في الكيس المخصص لحمايتهما .
  فالرجاء :
*المحافظة على القصة و عدم اتلافها .
*تسليم القصة و جدول متابعة القراءة الحرة , داخل الكيس المخصص لهما في الوقت المحدد . ( أسبوعان من تاريخ الاستلام ) .
*حث الطالب /ة على القراءة و تشجيعه على ذلك .
*القراءة معه و مساعدته إذا لزم الامر ( بأن تقرأ صفحه و هو صفحة  أو جملة و هو جملة ........) .
*القراءة الجهرية و بصوت مسموع .
*تفسير الكلمات الصعبة .
*عدم التدقيق على الاخطاء البسيطة التي لا ثؤثر على المعنى .
*التذكرة أثناء القراءة بالكلمات التي تتكرر , فيسهل على الطالب قراءتها مرة أخرى .
*تقطيع الكلمات الكبيرة إلى مقاطع ليسهل على الطالب قراءتها .
*اعادة قراءة القصة عدة مرات ، و عدم الاكتفاء بقراءتها مرة واحدة ، و ذلك للاستفادة .
*تسجيل ما يقرأ الطالب , و مدة القراءة التي استغرقها في كل مرة  ,  على جدول متابعة القراءة الحرة , حتى يتسنى لنا تشجيعه و مكافأته عليها .

Monday 8 February 2016

Math H.W

Chapter Review Q. 1-4 (to be solved in H.W notebook)

Please sign math quiz in classwork notebook

Friday 5 February 2016

Math H.W

Skills bank Q. 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 (to be solved in homework notebook)


Chapter 1-3 Questions + Chapter 3 Summary
1) What emotions does Fern's father feel when Fern grabs hold of the ax?
2) What solution does Fern's mother suggest to help her feel better about losing Wilbur?
3)Where is Wilbur's new home located in the Zuckerman's barn? Is it a nice place? Why or why not?

Students have had 25 minutes to do this in class. Most of them are done :)

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Don't Forget :)

REMINDER: We will be doing the canvas, crayon, and hair dryer activity tomorrow. Please bring in the supplies needed if you haven't already done so.


Tuesday 2 February 2016

Math and Science Updates!

Math H.W.: Workbook p. 44

Science and Math quizzes sent home, please sign and return tomorrow with your child.

Scholastic book orders are due Monday Feb. 8th, 2016

Monday 1 February 2016


Spelling due Thursday + Test on Friday on weekly words

Nouns package due Friday

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!