Friday 29 January 2016


Social Studies Questions due Friday
1. Where did Mason say he lives?
2. Why did you think Mason feels lucky to live near the water?
3.Why do you think people often settlements near the water?
4. What advantages was there having the Tiber River?
5. Define the following:

Please bring an empty notebook for our new unit Middle Ages

Please bring back portfolios

Math: Page 43 due Monday

Math and Science Updates!


H.W.: WB p. 43 due Monday

Quiz on measuring lines using millimeters and centimeters on Monday insha'allah


The students watched a video about the importance of gears and how they help to make our lives easier. The video is called "Gear Basics" and could be found on Youtube.

Here is the link

H.W.: Pulleys and Gears package p. 28 and 29 due Tuesday.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Math and Science Homework

Math: WB p. 42 and the Measurement package (if not finished in class) due Friday

Science: Pulleys and gears package p. 28 and 29

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Mosque Projects- Take a look :)

MashAllah amazing mosque projects by our amazing students!

Update from Tr. Sahar

السلام عليكم 
الى الاهالي الكرام يو م الخميس  القادم إن شاء الله بتاريخ 28 /1سيكون لدى تلاميذنا الاعزا ء امتحان قراءة بدرس الأمير المتواضع صفحة 42 .
المطلوب :
قراءة الدرس 
معاني الكلمات 
الإجابة على الأسئلة صفحة 44 شفاهة 
مع تمنياتي لأبتائنا الأعزاء بدوام التقدم والنجاح 


Chapter 1-3 Vocabulary Questions due tomorrow 

French: Test Friday

Monday 25 January 2016

Math H.W

WB p. 41

Notebook Needed

Reminder to bring 1 empty notebook or 1 duo tang filled with paper to start our novel study on "Charlotte's Web" (by tomorrow).


Salam Parents,
Many students have lost or misplaced their scissors and glue. Please make sure to check their pencil cases and see if they have them. If not, buy a new set as we have 5 months left of the year. We use these tools almost every day and in different subjects as well.

Thursday 21 January 2016

Math H.W.

Skills bank Q. 13-18 (to be solved in H.W. notebook)

Wednesday 20 January 2016


People You Meet Package due tomorrow

Islamic Studies: Mosque Project due Tuesday (students will be presenting on Tuesday)

French: Grammaire Page due Thursday

Quran: Sign Rubric

Reminder: Bring Art supplies by next Thursday or sooner

Science Update!

Assalamu alaikom Dear Parents,

On Tuesday Jan.26th, 2016, the students will have a Science quiz covering Pulleys.

Students can use these questions to help them study for their quiz. Also make sure they study from their notes.

1- What is a pulley?  Name examples of things that use pulleys.

2- What are the different types of pulleys?

3- Explain the differences between fixed and moveable pulleys and discuss which is easier to use.

4- What is a pulley system?

5- What is a mechanical advantage?

6- How does a pulley work?

7- Why does a pulley make it easier to lift something?

8- What is a load force?

9- What is an effort force?

Tuesday 19 January 2016


Students need to bring in two Bristol boards. One for the Mosque presentation and one for the math assignment.

Students also need to bring flyers for a health activity tomorrow.

Friday 15 January 2016

Art Supplies

Our next activity for Art is to create an abstract art. Students need to bring in the following:

24 Crayon set
1 Glue Gun
1- Hair dryer

JAK for your cooperation and have a wonderful weekend =)

Math Updates!

The students have the End of chapter review sheet to practice for the test on Monday. It should be solved in the H.W. notebook.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday 14 January 2016

Math Updates!

Math H.W. : WB p. 32 and 34

Math Test: Students will have a math test on Monday Jan. 18th covering the following topics:

1- Adding and subtracting mentally
2- Estimating sums and differences
3- Adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers
4- Adding and subtracting money

Good luck to all my lovely students :)

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Math H.W

Math H.W. : WB p. 37 and 39


Social Studies: Interior Plains questions due Thursday

Islamic Studies: Lesson review + workbook pages 82-83 due tomorrow

Bring back field trip forms + Junglesport consent forms back a.s.a.p

Monday 11 January 2016

Math H.W

W.B.p 33 and 36

Scholastic book orders are due Friday Jan. 15th, 2016

Language Homework

Spelling words for the week- Test will be on Friday :) 


Lesson 15 due Friday

Friday 8 January 2016

Take a look :)

MashAllah the grade 4's did an excellent job creating products. Bravo! Their commercials were awesome as well!

Thursday 7 January 2016

Wednesday 6 January 2016


Homework for this week: 

Quraan Homework : Surat Al Muddathir ayas 40-48, test on Friday nshallah

Social Studies: Brochure Presentation due Friday 

Language: Product Ad Presentation on Friday

Monday 4 January 2016


Salam Everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing break, inshAllah! We are back to term 2 and I have a few updates. This week will be "Catch-up" week where students will be finishing up all their previous assignments and projects prior to the break. The two main projects they are working on in class is the Product Ad assignment where they created a product to sell to a target audience. This project pertains three main parts. The first part is to create an actual 3D model of the product. The second part is to answer all the questions provided in the instructions sheet, and lastly, to present it as either a flyer ad or commercial.  This project will be due on Friday.  The second project they are working on is the Social Studies Provincial Brochure. Students researched about a specific province and gathered facts, maps, and answers to the questions given. Then, they created a large chart paper size brochure with all the information in it. This project will be due Friday as well. Most groups are 90% done and need a little more time to finish it completely. InshAllah we will be working on this all week in class and stick to our designated deadline.

This term we will be focusing on a novel study in Language. We will be looking at the theme and analyzing the story of "Charlotte's Web". This novel study usually takes us a few months to complete as we thoroughly discuss storyline concepts and build on vocabulary. We will be reading the novel in class and every few chapters students will have questions to complete.  We will also learn many new terms from the story and analyze plot, characters, setting, theme, morals, etc.

In regards to Social Studies, we will be finishing up the unit of Political and Physical Regions of Canada hopefully by the end of this month. InshAllah, next month we will begin the Early Societies unit. This unit is very intriguing as we look at the medieval times, early inventions, the role of Muslims in early societies, and how we have come along so far.

In Islamic Studies we will be looking at Islam in Africa and students will be doing a research project on different mosques around the world. Students will also explore the monthly trait of honesty which coincides with this unit.

In art we will be starting drama and improv. We will act out scenes from the Charlotte's Web as well as other skits. Drama really helps students will oral communication and get them to loosen up more in class.

In Gym class we will be playing various games that enhance students cooperation and sportsmanship. We will also start Health where students explore nutritional eating and the importance of being active.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me. JAK and have a wonderful day!!