Friday, 16 October 2015


Old books

Salam Parents,

Here is an update on what we are learning in each subject:

Language Arts: Students will be focusing on an environmental theme. We will be integrating Science and Social Studies topics where students recognize how human activity can lead to the production of wastes, and identify alternative ways to manage and help the environment or a certain habitat. Students will reflect on these ideas and create wide range of media forms (posters, letter writing, etc.). In addition, weekly spelling lessons will be given out and we will be using the communicating skills book for grammar lessons.

Social Studies: Our focus for term 1 will be on the political and physical regions of Canada. We will be analyzing different provinces and territories and the issues and challenges they face with their environment.

Islamic Studies: For the month of October we will be looking at the Hijra and how it relates to our school theme of Cooperation.

Gym: Students will be playing variety of games that enhance sportsmanship and cooperation.

Art: Students will be creating two-and-three dimensional art. We will also be starting drama soon where we will role play to communicate ideas, feelings, and stories.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. JAK and have a wonderful day.

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