Thursday 11 September 2014


AS Salam Alaikum Parents,

       Welcome to the Grade 4B Blog! Here, I will be posting updates on weekly homework and announcements. Here is a rough idea of what we will be learning in term 1.

Language: Focus on Habitats
Monday: Spelling
Wednesday: Grammar
Friday: Spelling Tests

Social Studies: Political and Physical Regions of Canada

Islamic Studies: "Character is key"
We will be reading variety of stories and informational texts related to the importance of good character in Islam.

Reading: Focusing on the RAZ-KIDS program
(Raz-Kids  is an online account where your child can sign in and can read, hear, record, and answer questions based on the book they read. They have access to hundreds of eBooks! We will be using Raz-Kids weekly and students will be administered online assignments each week. It is highly recommended that students buy a microphone headset where they can hear and record themselves reading).

Science: Habitats

Math: Number sense and Numeration


             Tr. Seher

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