Friday 4 April 2014


Assalaam Alaikum Parents,

    Here is an update on what we are learning in class this month.

Language: Students have completed their Charlotte's Web comparison essay and we will be moving on to speech writing. Students will have to choose a topic they want to write about by Monday. Students are allowed to choose from two possible writing methods. One, informational writing (choosing a leader or inventor and writing a biography on them) or persuasive writing (convincing the audience about an important aspect). Here are some possible topics students can choose from.

Persuasive Topics:-Importance of being "patient"
-Purifying our soul
-Seeking knowledge
-The role of the masjid
-Importance of giving Zakat
-Helping one another

Informational Topics:-Mohammad Ali
- Terry Fox
- Gandhi
-Rosa Parks
-Jaber Ibn Hayan
-Ibn Battuta

Social Studies: We are learning about the agriculture and food production during medieval times.

Islamic Studies: Looking at relationships between the Prophet (s.w.s) and the Ansars and Muhajireen. We will also be looking at the importance of respect.

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